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USB 2.0 drivers failed to install after installing Windows XP Service Pack 2.
Will I need special software to run USB?
What kinds of USB peripherals can I connect to my PC?
How many USB peripherals can I connect at once?
Can a USB storage device be the primary (and only) means of storage?
How do I know if my PC supports USB?
Can a USB Mass Storage Interface have multiple alternative interfaces?
What is the proper procedure for disconnecting my USB Storage product?
Why is it taking so long to transfer my data?
What are the system requirements needed to use this USB Storage device?
Why isn’t the USB drive detected on my system?
What drivers do I need and where can I get them?
Will I experience any capacity limitations?
Can I reformat the USB Storage product to use my operating system’s native file format?
I attached the USB Storage product to my Mac and it takes a long time to detect.
Is this normal?
Can I use the USB Storage product and the software in non-Windows-based operating
Do I need to register my USB Storage product for warranty?